Maple syrup, vanilla, toasted nuts, spices. Smokey undertones, ripe fruit, chocolate, creamy vanilla, spices with sweet candied notes of tangerine. Clean, lingering, smooth, silky finish with a hint of Madeira. 

Whisky Advocate-Kentucky, USA- "Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey finished in a port pipe. This is veteran master distiller Lincoln Henderson's newest creation, and it's a beauty. Richly textured, silky, and well-rounded, with ripe berried fruits, candied tangerine, light toffee, maple syrup..."

Is Angel's Envy a good bourbon? 

“Angel's Envy is an amazing bourbon and one that both bourbon afficionados and those just beginning their whiskey journey should seek out. This is the best bourbon tasted so far in 2011 and one of the most exciting bourbon releases in years. Angel's Envy is a must have for anyone serious about good bourbon.” 

Is Angel's Envy worth it? 

Since there are so few of them, Angel's Envy may still be worth buying if you have to have a Port-finished bourbon. If you're looking for a new bourbon to try and don't care so much about the finishing, Angel's Envy is not as compelling, but you still can't go wrong with it. 

Angel's Envy - Based in Louisville, Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Port Wine Barrels. 

Angel's Envy is a hand crafted, small batch whiskey produced by Louisville Distilling Company, a subsidiary of Bacardi Limited. 

Henderson cocktail 

Ingredients. 2 parts Angel's Envy ® Bourbon Finished in Port Barrels. ¼ part ruby port syrup. 2 dashes Angostura ® Bitters. 1 dash orange bitters. 

In 2013, Spirit Journal ranked Angel's Envy Cask Strength as the “Best Spirit in the World.” This was, understandably, a pretty big deal for us.