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Barrell Dovetail Whiskey

Barrell Dovetail Whiskey


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Barrell Dovetail Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

Sweet robust aromas of candied raisins and molasses are present along with a hint of anise. A touch of heat shows evidence of the proof. It’s intriguing and pleasant. 

The sip opens with cane sugar, molasses, and dark cherries - a pleasing combination of sweet, rich flavors. A touch of barrel char along with toasted marshmallows also come into play, countering the sweeter notes. Mouth-coating and noticeably robust, yet not harsh, the palate is a well-developed layering of flavors that’s as satisfying as it is unique. 

Peppery spice kicks in at first, along with a touch of heat. Sweet sugar and toasted marshmallows follow, along with an essence of dark fruit. Long and warming it leaves a delicious aftertaste inviting another sip. 

Is Barrell dovetail a limited release? 

We have produced limited releases of Dovetail using the same ingredients and process. With each bottling, there are proof variations. 

Who makes dovetail bourbon? 

To create the Barrell Dovetail Whiskey, the Barrell Craft Spirits folks took some 10-year-old whiskey from Indiana (no type specified), some 11-year-old bourbon from Tennessee (cough, George Dickel, cough), some cabernet barrels, some black strap rum casks and some port pipes

Dovetail is blended to highlight some of our favorite flavors. Woody bourbon; terroir driven Dunn Cabernet; toasted french oak; Late Bottled Vintage Port pipes; black strap molasses casks; all working in tandem to create a buttery and deep whiskey as unique as it is delicious. Dovetail took almost a year to get right, from blending to labeling, all coming together in a seemingly perfect point..  

Barrell Craft Spirits—the company behind the Barrell Bourbon, Barrell Whiskey, and Barrell Rum brands—has announced plans to build its own distillery in Louisville, Kentucky's Gilmore Industrial area, and naming Tripp Stimson as master distiller.  

Old Fashioned 

2 oz BCS Bourbon 

1 bar spoon or teaspoon Demerara Syrup 

3 dashes Angostura bitters 

One strip each orange and lemon peel, for garnish. 
Add all ingredients into a mixing glass, fill with ice, stir, and then strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice (preferably a large cube.) Once in the glass, express orange and lemon peel over the glass, then place in glass. 

CHAIRMAN'S TROPHY at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2020. 

TOP 100 SPIRITS (97 POINTS) at the Ultimate Spirits Challenge - 2020. 

Double Gold (96 POINTS) at the New York International Spirits Competition - 2020. 

Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition - 2019. 

Gold (Whiskey: Barrel Finished category) at Whiskies of the World - 2019 

Whisky Advocate rating of 90 

  • ABV: 61.45%
  • Proof: 122.9

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